First Impression of the FBG

Soooo, here we go! I get asked extremely often what I do for exercise and figured it might be helpful to keep up with a bit of a blog as I’m trying something new. I’ll share my HONEST thoughts with you guys during this process!

I decided to give Anna Victoria’s Fit Body Guide a go and am going to document my thoughts/experience with it. I’ve never really “blogged” before so please bear with me.

I gave the training guide [weeks 1-12] a read prior to doing my first workout so I knew what to expect not just for the first workout but for the next 12 weeks as well. I have to say, I was surprised at how much information was provided in the ebook. Facts, pictures to explain how to do each exercise, suggestions on how to stay motivated, etc. The guide is split into 6 days a week with 3 being cardio/abs and the other 3 being strength focused. The guide is a Monday-Saturday layout with Sundays being “off”. I’m going to shift my week’s plan from Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday being cardio/abs to Monday, Wednesday, Friday as my gym only provides childcare on these days during the summer and I’d prefer to get my cardio in there! Still doing the guide in the order Anna provides, just not technically on the same days it lists.

I am excited for the workout layout and style of the guide. I like that there is no guess work of what I’ll be doing each day. To be completely honest I’ve been focusing mostly on glutes and arms at the gym because they are my favs.. I’ve barely done anyyyy ab workouts since starting at the gym because I HATE working them, even though my stomach is my trouble zone! WHY DO I AVOID THEM? I feel like if I’m following a workout plan like this then I HAVE to do the ab exercises instead of gravitating away from anything ab related, towards the different machines I’ve grown to love at the gym. I thrive on having a plan ahead of time and knowing what to expect so I feel the guide will help me in that aspect. I’ve had some anxiety around exercising with the whole, “What do I do today? How much of this exercise? How long? Am I doing enough to see results?” This will take out the guess work for me!

I bought a set of adjustable dumbbells to use and am liking them so far. Also bought a jump rope because I noticed it’ll be used at some points. Otherwise that’s about all you need at home other than a yoga mat.

As for my thoughts on my first [and second actually] workout..

I’ve done one day of abs and one day of legs/glutes so far. Going to be honest, it was HARD! I found both very challenging, but I feel like that’s what I wanted from these workouts. Something to challenge me. Something I could FEEL working, you know? And ohhhh I can feel it working, even the next day haha. I have enjoyed incorporating weights into my routine since starting at the gym so I’m happy that they are used in the guide! I felt the burn during the workout, after the workout.. and the next day could stiiiiill feel it. I think it’s a solid reminder of just how much I’ve been slacking in the sense of a full body workout prior to starting the guide. My legs/glutes/arms feel fine but my abs are sooooorrrreeeee.

I am very eager to see how my body transforms over the next 12 weeks. I love that Anna has developed this program, because it’s something I can do on my days at the gym or at home! When child care switched for the summer to 3 days a week I’ve been going those days and then on the days at home just focusing on getting my fitbit step goal and such.. not really consistently getting my workouts in on the days at home. I feel like doing this guide I will be more focused to get them in since I have a plan ahead of time workout wise. Yesterday I had planned to get my first day of legs/glutes in but ended up being out most of the day.. by the time I got my kids to bed I was just EXHAUSTED. Still got my workout in though!


Going to aim for once a week updates on how it’s going/my thoughts etc for anyone interested.



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