Week 1 of FBG

Week one update after starting Anna Victoria’s Fit Body Guide! You know that saying, “Never miss a Monday”? Well Guys I missed one. I was suuuuper sick and it just was not possible for me to get my workout done that day. This was a fairly awful start to the week considering I took Sunday as my rest day from FBG then missed Monday. Tuesday I woke up and was still feeling crappy (maybe a bit of a pun intended) and nauseous. By the evening I was feeling better though and kiiiilled my workout! In the past I’ve struggled with missing a day or two of exercise because it would often spiral into more than just the days I NEEDED to take off and I’d fall a bit off the wagon. Happy that I got right back into my new routine and finished the week off strong! Where I missed a day it ended up settling my weekly plan as follows for weeks 1-2: Sunday – Legs and Glutes, Monday – LISS & Abs, Tuesday – Back and Arms, Wednesday – LISS & Abs, Thursday – Total Body, Friday – LISS & Abs and then Saturday is my rest day. I’ve continued to follow my plan of doing my LISS (Low Intensity Steady State Cardio) & Ab days at the gym as those are the only days during the week I am able to go during their summer childcare hours and the other days are spent working out at home! I love having the option though to still get my workout in at home if I’m just not able to get to the gym. This week I opted for the treadmill for my cardio as I’ve been slacking on running lately and was wanting to get back into it a bit. I felt like I
was doing more than just a light jog, not sure what actually qualifies as a run vs a jog but I’d like to think I was running with how tired/sweaty I got after that half hour haha.

I’ve been asked a few times if I’m just following the exercise guide or if I’m following the meal plan as well. I have just been following the exercise guide as I feel I have a good understanding of the nutrition side of things. If that isn’t your strong suit though, it would probably be good to look into! I can’t give my own insight on that plan though as I haven’t tried it myself.

As for how I’m liking/not liking the guide so far:
I LOVE having a plan. I thrive on it. I like going to the gym knowing what I’ll be doing there ahead of time rather than the constant wonder of “How much is too much?
Is this not enough?” I also am loving feeling like my whole body is getting a complete workout rather than just the areas I tend to gravitate to work on with my favourite
machines at the gym. My plan prior to starting the guide was to work out 4ish days a week. I’m definitely working out out more as the plan is 6 days a week, but I know the results
I will see at the end of these 12 weeks will be worth it!

As far as the workouts go.. I am finding the workouts are challenging – but not TOO challenging. Definitely get my sweat on and feel they are difficult, without being TOO difficult if that makes sense. It’s a good freaking work out haha. So to sum up my thoughts on completing week 1 of the FBG – Enjoying the full body workout, the structure, the level of challenge, and looking forward to week 2!




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