Week 2 of FBG

Welllll, Week two of FBG is in the books!

Going to be 110% honest, This week was not good for me mentally. I had some stuff going on in my personal life and this week was just a struggle. I dreaded working out every. Single. Time. In the past if I’m struggling like this I’ve taken the time off completely from working out.. With being on a schedule for the FBG I found that it’s good to keep me on track, but I also feel like taking time off is harder than if I was just casually hitting the gym doing my own thing during the week. I want to see the full results at the end of the 12 weeks of following the guide and not miss a bunch of days. I have always found that pushing through is so HARD to get workouts in when I’m struggling. My anxiety has been intense this week and has been affecting me physically as well in terms of headaches and nausea. More honesty, there was one day this week that I was just too nauseated to get the workout in. If I wasn’t following a plan I probably wouldn’t have worked out all of this week though to be honest so I definitely feel more accountable while following it. So while at the same time as it was super hard getting those workouts in this week, I am soooo freaking glad that I did.

Onward and outward, still enjoying following the Fit Body Guide. I have to say that as a mom of two, sometimes it’s hard to find the time to workout. The 30 minute workouts can pretty much squeeze anywhere into my day so that definitely makes it easier for me not to miss a work out. The sessions are definitely more fast paced/intense than the ones I had been doing at the gym though so don’t let the 30 minute workout fool you into thinking it isn’t a “good one”! IT IS haha. I am always beeeeat by the end of them!

In my first post I touched on how much I disliked working my abs and had avoided doing ab exercises for a loooong while (oooopssss!).. I have to say that oddly enough I am starting to not dread doing them. I NEVER thought I’d see the day that I would say that haha. Honestly, right now I’m enjoying the Cardio/AB days the most I think. After my first couple of ab workouts I was suuuuper sore and could barely do them, now I am finding them easier and don’t dread working them like I used to! Now that they are getting some attention they aren’t getting dreadfully sore like in the first week either. We will see what weeks 3/4 have in terms for abs though, ha ha!

Down to the nitty gritty: The workouts are still hard, but getting a bit easier. What I should also add is that if they were easy they certainly wouldn’t be a good workout so don’t let me saying they are hard scare you! They are a GOOD hard. They are a “hey I can tell this is going to give me results” hard. Still loving having a plan. It’s great to be following a guide that I can still do at home if I can’t get to the gym too. Excited (and a bit nervous maybe haha) to see what is in store for weeks 3-4! Bring it onnnn!!




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