Week 3 of FBG

Week 3 of Anna Victoria’s Fit Body Guide.. COMPLETE!


Same crops as last weeks post OOOPPSSSSS, They’re one of my fav pairs though.. not hard to tell haha. Just for the record, I’m giving my 100% honest thoughts during the process of completing the 12 week guide.. random, good, bad, blah blah..
Soooo, I found the workouts for weeks 1-2 challenging. Definitely. Starting weeks 3-4 I definitely am finding them even more challenging. I’ve found that the workouts take a bit longer to complete this week vs weeks 1-2 but am not sure if that was just for me because I found this week harder than last (have also found myself feeling drained lately, but that’s unrelated to FBG), or if it’s typical for everyone else too. Not an extreme amount longer but a difference I wanted to note! Slightly higher weight used for the exercises requiring weights, as well as slightly higher reps are the real changes from weeks 1-2.

GUYYYYSSSS. I admitted in a previous post that I had been neglecting ab workouts prior to starting the guide because I haaaateeee them. Well, past tense I should say because I’m actually looking forward to the ab days the most now out of all of the workouts. One thing I’m starting to notice is feeling/seeing a bit more definition in my stomach already. Particularly when I flex.. seeing ANYTHING definition wise is huge to me haha. I can’t tell you how excited seeing these changes begin makes me. I have loose skin on my stomach (as can probably be expected after loosing over 90lbs!) but am noticing it at the top of my abs a bit more lately where I don’t have as much loose skin. I’ve never in my life had any definition of any kind in my abs so this excites me and can’t wait to see my results after the 12 weeks!! I feel an overall “leaner” feeling lately too.

Completely random.. BUT LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE: I didn’t wear shoes during one of the leg/glute days because my shoes were dirty (need to invest in another pair so I have an indoor and an outdoor set) and it was uncooomfortable. Hurt my toes a bit, will definitely be wearing shoes from now on haha.

Also want to add that I did purchase a jump rope for the guide but have just been using an imaginary jump rope while in my living room. Partially because of not wanting to take out my ceiling light in the living room, and also because I workout with my kids in the room when I do the guide at home on the days the gym doesn’t offer childcare.. Toddler running around = jumprope = surely wouldn’t end well.

Going into week 4.. Curious to see how much time I’m able to shave off of doing week 4 of the guide this week. 🙂 Will average out how long the workouts take this week and let you guys know!

Loving having a plan that I can rely on to give me results.. takes out some of the guess work for me when it comes to exercising. Definitely a great workout guide that can be done from home.. or I suppose anywhere for that matter. Being able to keep up with exercising when I’m unable to get to the gym though is huuuugggeeee, and I’m definitely working out more often than I have in the past. Onward and out to week 4!


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