Week 4 of FBG

Week 4 of FBG is compleeeete!! Hurrraahhhhh! So hard to believe I’m already 1/3rd of the way done, time is flyiiinggg!

Had a another great week following the guide 🙂

I have to say, I have sooo much love for Anna! She saw my last blog post where I had mentioned that I had been feeling drained and she reached out with some advice. She is so sweet and clearly cares about those following her guide! I believe my drained feeling was due to some stress I had going on, as it has since diminished and I’m feeling a lot better.. But I also took her advice and have been keeping a closer eye to make sure I’m eating plenty as well.

I mentioned in my last post that I found the workouts were slightly longer than 30 minutes for strength and 15 minutes for abs.. I worked super hard trying to beat my times last week and did! I crushed most of the workouts right at the 30min/15min marks.. I did find that one of the ab workouts took longer than the others and one workout I actually finished under the 30 minute mark so I would say that the average of 30 minutes for strength and 15 for abs (plus the 30min for cardio on these days) is the average, as stated in the guide is accurate. I did feel like I had to CRUSH the workouts in order to meet these times though.

One thing I want to mention though is that I personally don’t feel that FBG is made for those just beginning their fitness journey. I find it INTENSE, in particular the strength workouts.. I sometimes struggle to finish them and feel like I wouldn’t have been able to do the workouts prior to getting into better shape. Maybe taking my time to complete the workouts would have been an option, and possibly taking proceeding through the weeks slower? I’m not sure. I do find it very challenging (in a good way!) and think it’s an amazing program for those looking to continue their fitness journey and work on strength/toning.

A huge difference that I’ve noticed between FBG and using the weight machines at the gym is that the FBG workouts work SO many different muscles, rather than just targeting one at a time. Guys.. FBG is a freaking awesome workout. A workout that I really feel this odd sense of empowerment completing each week.. Even each workout to be honest. I can feel my confidence building! ☺️

Broken record here but still loving following the FBG, and the ab workouts are still my favourite. 🙂

Will let you all know how week 5 goes!! ❤️❤️❤️

*This is all my 110% honest review

Flexing like crazzzzyyy here but it’s ABSolutely [ha..ha] unreal that there’s starting to be something THERE when I flex… for the first time in my entire LIFE.

14012494_925107537600889_1294183073_o (1)


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