Week 5 of FBG

Week 5 of the Fit Body Guide gets a check marrrrkkkk!

Honesty/accountability: This week clashed with my family’s vacation for the summer which made me slack off a little bit both on what I ate and a bit on exercise. I spent a few days at our cottage which is on an island, and another night away at a cottage on a lake. I missed two days of the guide, one of which I doubled up on workouts the following day [Did strength/cardio in the morning, Abs in the evening.. not saying this is the recommendation of what to do if you miss a day but being honest with what I did] and one day I missed altogether.  I felt a bit disappointed in myself for missing a day.. but no matter what, sometimes life happens, vacation happens, BEING A MOM HAPPENS! Sometime there’s just not enough time in the day and you know what? It’s okay. I’m just going to get back into the groove completely for week 6!

The workouts this week for week 5 were definitely intense! The sweat was freaking drippppinnnngggg. An awesome workout, every time.. no question. Sometimes prior to starting the guide I would wonder if I had done enough for my workout.. there’s no questioning it with these workouts though. You can FEEL it! The targeted areas for each strength day feel like JELLO by the time I’m done haha. Such a sense of accomplishment when a workout is completed! Definitely seeing some changes and feeling more toned all over!

Before I continue:
LISS – Low Intensity Steady State
LIMIT – Low Intensity Medium Intensity
HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

It was great switching it up to LIMIT rather than LISS, did some experimenting with interval jog/running on the treadmill. Also tried out the interval training on another machine [I think it’s called an AMT?] Looking forward to LIMIT for the next 3 weeks, the first week with it was great. A bit nervous for the time to come for HIIT, but I’m sure I’ll fear it less after I grow accustomed to LIMIT over the next few weeks!

The only downside to this week was that I wasn’t able to do the sitting knee jump + squats. Has anyone else struggled with these? THEY ARE HARRRDDDD! Or maybe I lack coordination. Possibly both? Going to give them some more practice this week and hopefully will be able to nail them for the Full Body Strength Day this week. I ended up doing jump squats instead this week when I couldn’t do the sitting knee jump + squats.

I had noticed and wanted to give a heads up for those that may be interested in what the workouts are like, there is a free preview on Anna’s site!

Planning on posting a side by side for my progress half way through the guide in my next blog post for week 6! Check back here next week for it

Hope you all have a great week, will let you know how week 6 of the guide goes! Nearing the halfway mark!



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