Week 6 of FBG

Well, there you have it! Officially at the halfway point, eeeek! Time. Is. FLYING! Can’t believe I’m already finished with week 6 of the Fit Body Guide. For those that may be just tuning in, I’m currently following the 12 week program by Anna Victoria. Feel free to click through the past posts for a glimpse at my journey with FBG so far.

First things first.. in regards to my post last week. STILL can’t do the freaking knee jump squats. Aghhhh, feeling defeated. I practiced them a few times during the week knowing they were going to be in my full body workout day.. a big NOPE. Just can’t seem to nail them. Ended up doing jump squats again this week, just like I did last week instead. Feels disappointing that I can’t do them, but not getting hung up on it! Will keep working at them.

In regards to the rest of the week, it was great! I’m still doing my Cardio + Ab days at the gym and my strength days at home. I don’t have a flat bench to use at home for the few exercises that require one but have been making due with what I do have.. Steps, a storage bench, etc. Love that these exercises are able to be done at home, a lot of them use your body weight while others are done with dumbbells. It’s also great because you can make it easier or harder by using the low/high ends of the recommended weights for each exercise.

I get a lot of DM’s on instagram asking how I find the time to exercise with having kids.. It’s definitely hard to squeeze in, but I make sure I find the time! When I’m at home I do my workout while my youngest is napping, when I’m at the gym my kids play in the childcare while I get my workout in. My kids look forward to our gym trips just as much as I do! If I’m unable to do my usual routine for whatever reason, I will get my workout in after my kiddos are in bed. The Cardio+Ab days for FBG are approximately [Give or take] 45 minutes combined, and strength are about 30 minutes. They are high intensity workouts that are great for those on a time crunch! Definitely a great workout guide to follow for moms, or just those with busy schedules. Great “bang for your buck” exercise length wise.

Feeling stronnnnngggerrrr!! More fit. Loving the changes I’m seeing!!

End of week 6 progress picture.. No flexing in either picture, I did post a flexing one recently and didn’t want my flexing and unflexing pictures to be compared 😉

Thanks for following along!



*Not being paid to recommend the guide to you all or anything, sharing my honest experience/thoughts each week.


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