Week 7 of FBG

Hey loves!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions as to what FBG is, how long I’ve been following it etc so here is a little refresher!

FBG = Fit Body Guide

I am currently following the 12 week exercise guide, which was created by Anna Victoria. I just finished with week 7. The guide is 6 days a week, split into 3 strength training days and 3 cardio/ab days. The workouts are high intensity/not super long which I find makes them great for those with a busy schedule. I am currently [for the most part] doing my strength days at home and my cardio/ab days at the gym… but realistically you can do it all from home.

Hopefully that answers some of the common questions!

Onto my thoughts for week 7…

I thiiiiink my favourite day was legs/glutes for the week. Definitely finding the workouts are getting harder as the weights used/reps are increasing. Moooore am finding that it’s the reps that are getting more challenging though. The first ab day of the week was INTENSE, the reps were fairly brutal and I was sore the next day. IT HURT TO LAUGH GUYS. No pain, no gain though eh? Essentially, I found this week was hard. At the same time, I want to add that I am really noticing changes in my body and that certainly is a good feeling. I’m finding that the toning is helping a bit in terms of my loose skin, particularly on my arms and am overall feeling more fit! Happy that it seems my hard work with the guide is paying off. Definitely feeling stronger.

Some weeks I find my nutrition is on pooooint, others could be better. This week was a bit of the latter. Might start meal prepping as part of what’s been hard is not being home, and when I do get home I’ve been opting for whatever I can snack on quickly. Hasn’t necessarily been unhealthy choices, just could be better! Particularly need to try to up the veggies a bit. Going to take a peak at Anna’s meal plan [There is a free preview on her site!] and take some notes from that for meals/snack ideas and go from there.

Until next weeeeekkkk.. thank you for following along!



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