Week 8 of FBG

Woooohoooooo! Another week of FBG in the books! 2/3rds of the way done the guide, ahhhh!!

Week 8 is complete!

For those who may be new to what FBG is, check out my last post for week 7.. I put a quick summary there!

Truthfully, I’ve never done well sticking to a program.. I BARELY finished the 30 day shred when I followed it. I get bored, want to move onto something else. I’ve constantly changed my exercise habits throughout this whole journey of mine.. Which sometimes bit me in the butt because I would lose motivation/not really know what to do and take weeks at a time off feeling a bit clueless. While I thrive on structure, I also struggle with it sometimes. When I first started this 12 week guide I feared I would give up after a few weeks.. I HAVE NOTTTT! The guide has enough variation to keep me from losing interest, still going strong!

For the first time since starting the guide, I did my ab circuit in the main room at the gym. My gym is small, anywhere that I am is in full view of an audience essentially. I usually do abs upstairs after doing my cardio [there is a studio upstairs and it isn’t ever busy] because I get embarrassed! Conquered a fear though, and did one day of abs downstairs (okay so maybe it also wasn’t very busy that day.. But baby steps!) Definitely gaining confidence.

I like that two weeks at a time of the guide are the same (1-2,3-4,5-6, so on..) because I can compare with the week prior and see improvement. So motivating!

I found week 8 was challenging, which I think I’ve said every week in these blog posts. Just when I think that a week is challenging.. the next set of weeks is harder! Challenging the body definitely is what gets results but HOLY what a workout. Every. Single. Time. Anna definitely knows what exercises to put together for an intense workout. I get fairly out of breath and a whole new level of sweaty. Using your body weight for exercises is no joke! I love that she also includes the use of weights too though. I find the body weight exercises way more challenging than for instance using the weight machines at the gym.. I think part of it is that the body weight exercises in the guide target a bunch of different areas at once, whereas the machines at the gym target more specific areas of the body for the most part.

PRETTY EXCITED, GUYS! Prior to starting the guide I couldn’t do a single push up.. I always did the “modified” version. I am getting soooo much better at them now, and only sometimes do the modified version (usually when I’m wiped by circuit 3 ha ha) I can’t lie though, My love for them hasn’t grown at all though over the last 8 weeks hahaha.

A bit nervous to start week 9, but eager for new exercises!

Hair = a mind of it’s own after wearing it in a french braid over night haha.





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