Week 9 of FBG

Preface: If you’re wondering what exactly “FBG” is that I talk about, it’s a workout guide [Fit Body Guide] by Anna Victoria. I’m currently following the 12 week guide. Check out my first blog post for more details. I’ve been documenting my journey with it since the start for those interested. 🙂 Always giving 100% honesty.

Well guys, I think I jinxed myself by saying in my last blog post that I’m not a fan of push ups, because arm/back day this week had lots of them, haha. I was actually shocked though because believe it or not, I think I enjoyed this week’s arm/back day the most out of the whole week of work outs. In fact, it was my favourite arm/back day so far out of the past 9 weeks! Just enjoyed the exercise combinations and found it a good level of challenging. Also, so amazing seeing how much my strength is improving.. seeing how far I’ve come with push-ups makes me so freaking happy! I’m certainly no pro but they are improving at least, and I’m able to do more of them as the weeks go on. I thought I was forever destined to do the modified version when I first started FBG!

On another note, I had been suuuuper nervous to begin HIIT. I remember doing LISS for the first four weeks of the guide wishing it was LISS/LIMIT for the whole 12 weeks because HIIT sounded terrifying haha. I was sure that when the time came to actually do HIIT I’d “cheat” on it and just do something else for cardio like keep doing LISS/LIMIT. Not really sure why I was so worried because I’m actually liking it! (Did *I* just say that? Who am I anymore?! Haha) Great calorie burn!

Onto abs for this week.. I found the 2nd ab workout this week had a ton of reps, particularly for leg raises.. SO challenging! Hooolllyyyy! The first ab day of the week was a cake walk in comparison. Liking the incorporation of some full body exercises with the ab workouts this week though! Keeps things interesting.

It’s so amazing how much my mindset is changing over the length of following the guide.. I found the adjustment to the high intensity strength workouts was difficult at first. Going from the slower paced workouts at the gym to high intensity, shorter ones was a big change for sure. I still find the workouts extremely challenging, but as the weeks are going on I’m liking the higher intensity strength workouts (but averaging only 30 minutes) more and more. Since beginning my weight loss journey last June, this is the most I’ve worked out during the week in regards to it being a 6 days of the week program. Some weeks I’ve worked out all of the 6 days. Others, I’ve worked out 5 and “doubled up” to catch up, as I find weekends to be so busy and working out 6 days a week can be a lot.. at least to me.

Overall had a great week! 3 weeks to go, where has the time gone?!

Will be back to update with how week 10 goes 🙂

Thank you for reading!!





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