Week 10 of FBG

Week 10 is dunzoooo! It went really well, I know I’m a broken record but I’m still loving following the guide. Even more so than in the beginning, if I’m being honest. It was definitely an adjustment to get into the groove of the high intensity workouts but as I’ve grown accustomed to them I’m really starting to enjoy them more and more!

One question I’ve been asked a lot is if I’m following both the meal plan and the workout guide right now so I thought I should address it! I’ve only been following the workout portion of the guide. I do regret it a teeny bit, as I know it will affect my results a bit. For me personally, I make meals for the four of us in my family and didn’t want to make “special” meals for myself. If it was just me, I think following the meal plan would have been a great idea as I’m certainly not a nutrition expert. I try to eat healthy/balanced meals but I don’t track macros/calories or anything anymore and pretty much just wing it.

Workouts for week 10 were the same as week 9, as I covered in my last blog post (For example, weeks 1-2 you have 3 different strength days that target different areas of the body, and 3 cardio/different ab days.. so in total you do the same workout twice in the two week set then go onto the next set of workouts in sequence.. so after 1-2 is 3-4 and so forth) I love that you can compare each set of weeks to each other. I found doing week 10 a bit easier than when I did the same workouts for week 9 for example. Seeing strength/endurance constantly improving throughout this journey is my favourite part of it! I am feeling stronger and more confident in myself while exercising each week. ☺️

Can’t believe that I only have weeks 11-12 left! Bring it onnnnn!!!! (I say a bit hesitantly hahaha this weeks leg/glute workout had me feeling like JELLO!)



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