Week 11 of FBG

Wellllll, Week 11 of the fit body guide is in the books!

What a freaking week. It was HARDDD! I mean I should have known (well I did kind of expect it) as it’s the last two week set of exercises in the guide haha. Favourite day was the first ab/cardio day in particular. Most likely my favourite because I thought it was the easiest of the week, to be honest haha. I say “easiest” lightly!

Just want to say that the workouts are hard, but not impossible. It’s a GOOD hard. It’s an “IM A BEAST” feeling when you finish them.. or at least to me haha. If your workouts aren’t challenging, it’s probably time to switch things up!

I can say with 100% honesty that I don’t believe I would have been able to finish the workouts from this week had it not been for the gradual difficulty increase over the last 11 weeks of the guide. So challenging, but then again I finished them so I’m super proud of myself! FEELING STRONG, GUYS! Realizing how far I’ve come over the last 11 weeks is such an amazing feeling. I couldn’t even do ONE “real” push up when I started, even if I wasn’t out of breath or in the middle of a workout.. now I can do them mid circuit when my arms are already burning! That’s HUGE to me!

I did a mixture of HIIT on the treadmill and some steady, high level cardio on the AMT machine for my cardio days. My favourite machine for cardio at the gym! The guide calls for HIIT for the last 4 weeks but had some tv I wanted to catch up on.. shhhh!

Leg/glute day was the hardest of the whole week. Found myself sore for a couple of days afterwards. THAT MEANS ITS WORKING RIGHT?! Haha.

This week felt super rushed in terms of home life.. felt busy, glad that the workouts are shorter (high intensity.. not a “shortcut!”) as it was easier to squeeze them into my day. I did end up missing one workout, but doubled up to make up for it.

Can’t believe there is only week left! Will do a full review of the guide when I’m done after week 12! Will post my before/after from the guide as well next week ☺️



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