Week 12 Complete – Full FBG Review

JUUUSSSTTT finished my last workout for week 12! Going to be repeating myself from some of my previous blog posts regarding my FBG journey, but wanted to put a full review of sorts of there now that I’ve finished week 12!

If you’re just tuning in and wondering what FBG is that I’ve mentioned in quite a few posts on instagram now, here is a brief run down:

FBG = Fit Body Guide

The Fit Body Guide is a 12 week workout program by Anna Victoria. It is 6 days a week, split into 3 strength training days and 3 cardio/ab days. The workouts are high-intensity, approximately 30 minutes a day for strength, 45 minutes total for cardio/abs. The strength days are broken down into Legs/Glutes, Arms/Back, and Full body workouts. As for cardio, you begin with LISS for weeks 1-4, LIMIT for weeks 5-8, and finally HIIT for weeks 9-12.

LISS – Low Intensity Steady State
LIMIT – Low Intensity Medium Intensity
HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

You can purchase just the workout guide, or the workout guide paired with the meal plan on Anna’s Site. www.annavictoria.com

To follow the guide, you can print it out but I found viewing it on my phone the easiest! [Might be because I lack computer ink right now haha]

I only been followed the workout portion of the guide. For me personally, I make meals for the four of us in my family and didn’t want to make “special” meals for myself. If it was just me, I think following the meal plan would have been a great idea as I’m certainly not a nutrition expert and am sure it affects my results a smidge that I didn’t follow it. I try to eat healthy/balanced meals but I don’t track macros/calories or anything anymore… I pretty much just wing it. While I feel like I have a fairly good sense of what to eat, what I should be eating and what I did eat sometimes differed on the weekend, haha. If you are unsure of what you should be eating or want to get the “best” results possible during the 12 weeks, I would recommend following the meal plan as well.

Weeks 1-2 are the same, weeks 3-4 are essentially the same with higher reps/weights. This pattern goes on for the length of the guide. I think it’s great that the guide is set up this way for a few reasons:

1) Once you learned the exercises, it made the following weeks workout easier in regards to not having to learn new moves.
2) You can compare how you improve each week.
3) The exercises changed enough to keep interesting, but not too often to be overwhelming.

I love that I learned some new exercises that I hadn’t tried before following this guide too. I feel like I have more knowledge when it comes to some go-to exercises to follow when I’m at the gym now. I used to feel super lost and intimidated with the free weights when I was at the gym, definitely have more confidence in using them now.

I also love that the workouts were on the shorter side. High intensity is freaking HARD, but the workouts can be a lot easier to squeeze into the day rather than long sessions at the gym! I also loved that it took out the guesswork when it came to exercising. Prior to starting the guide I kind of felt like a lost puppy at the gym sometimes.. not really knowing what to do, how many reps.. WHAT WEIGHT DO I USE? Having it right in front of me in regards to what I should be doing to get proven results was great!

I did find that working out 6 days a week was HARD though! Not impossible, but I found that a lot of the time on the weekend I honestly just lacked motivation and wanted to spend the time with my family rather than doing my workout. Some weekends I pushed through it and got it done.. others, I didn’t. Sometimes I made up missed days by “doubling up” the following day and others I didn’t.

One thing I also want to mention is that I personally don’t feel that FBG is made for those just beginning their fitness journey. I find the workouts can be INTENSE, in particular the strength workouts. I sometimes struggle to finish them and feel like I wouldn’t have been able to do the workouts prior to getting into better shape. Maybe taking my time to complete the workouts would have been an option, and possibly taking proceeding through the weeks slower. Maybe modifying the exercises a bit too might work, lower reps and lower weights? Could have been done taking the workouts slower too, but then that in turn would make them longer. I do find FBG is very challenging (in a good way!) and think it’s an amazing program for those looking to continue their fitness journey and work on strength/toning.

I found that while following the guide, I definitely gained strength and have noticed some amazing changes in my body. I am noticing less loose skin on my arms in particular [I have lots after losing over 90lbs!]. When I first started I couldn’t do a single “normal” push up. I’m not saying I’m a pro now by any means, but I CAN do them! I seriously never thought I would be able to do them prior to starting FBG, and now I can do them mid circuit, while already winded. Seeing strength/endurance constantly improving throughout this 12 week journey was my favourite part of it! I felt stronger and more confident in myself as each week passed.

From here I plan to still loosely follow the guide. Truthfully, I am missing the weight machines at the gym and am eager to add those back to my regular routine again.. but for the days I can’t make it to the gym [It’s half an hour away with limited childcare hours so I go about 3 days a week] I will do a workout from FBG. I essentially plan to do a mix of FBG and weight machines at the gym from here on out!

SO, down to the nitty gritty, my end all answer… I would definitely recommend FBG! I am loving the results I got while following the 12 week guide. It is great for those with busy schedules or for those that may prefer to workout at home. 🙂


Thanks for reading!



Week 11 of FBG

Wellllll, Week 11 of the fit body guide is in the books!

What a freaking week. It was HARDDD! I mean I should have known (well I did kind of expect it) as it’s the last two week set of exercises in the guide haha. Favourite day was the first ab/cardio day in particular. Most likely my favourite because I thought it was the easiest of the week, to be honest haha. I say “easiest” lightly!

Just want to say that the workouts are hard, but not impossible. It’s a GOOD hard. It’s an “IM A BEAST” feeling when you finish them.. or at least to me haha. If your workouts aren’t challenging, it’s probably time to switch things up!

I can say with 100% honesty that I don’t believe I would have been able to finish the workouts from this week had it not been for the gradual difficulty increase over the last 11 weeks of the guide. So challenging, but then again I finished them so I’m super proud of myself! FEELING STRONG, GUYS! Realizing how far I’ve come over the last 11 weeks is such an amazing feeling. I couldn’t even do ONE “real” push up when I started, even if I wasn’t out of breath or in the middle of a workout.. now I can do them mid circuit when my arms are already burning! That’s HUGE to me!

I did a mixture of HIIT on the treadmill and some steady, high level cardio on the AMT machine for my cardio days. My favourite machine for cardio at the gym! The guide calls for HIIT for the last 4 weeks but had some tv I wanted to catch up on.. shhhh!

Leg/glute day was the hardest of the whole week. Found myself sore for a couple of days afterwards. THAT MEANS ITS WORKING RIGHT?! Haha.

This week felt super rushed in terms of home life.. felt busy, glad that the workouts are shorter (high intensity.. not a “shortcut!”) as it was easier to squeeze them into my day. I did end up missing one workout, but doubled up to make up for it.

Can’t believe there is only week left! Will do a full review of the guide when I’m done after week 12! Will post my before/after from the guide as well next week ☺️


Week 10 of FBG

Week 10 is dunzoooo! It went really well, I know I’m a broken record but I’m still loving following the guide. Even more so than in the beginning, if I’m being honest. It was definitely an adjustment to get into the groove of the high intensity workouts but as I’ve grown accustomed to them I’m really starting to enjoy them more and more!

One question I’ve been asked a lot is if I’m following both the meal plan and the workout guide right now so I thought I should address it! I’ve only been following the workout portion of the guide. I do regret it a teeny bit, as I know it will affect my results a bit. For me personally, I make meals for the four of us in my family and didn’t want to make “special” meals for myself. If it was just me, I think following the meal plan would have been a great idea as I’m certainly not a nutrition expert. I try to eat healthy/balanced meals but I don’t track macros/calories or anything anymore and pretty much just wing it.

Workouts for week 10 were the same as week 9, as I covered in my last blog post (For example, weeks 1-2 you have 3 different strength days that target different areas of the body, and 3 cardio/different ab days.. so in total you do the same workout twice in the two week set then go onto the next set of workouts in sequence.. so after 1-2 is 3-4 and so forth) I love that you can compare each set of weeks to each other. I found doing week 10 a bit easier than when I did the same workouts for week 9 for example. Seeing strength/endurance constantly improving throughout this journey is my favourite part of it! I am feeling stronger and more confident in myself while exercising each week. ☺️

Can’t believe that I only have weeks 11-12 left! Bring it onnnnn!!!! (I say a bit hesitantly hahaha this weeks leg/glute workout had me feeling like JELLO!)


Week 9 of FBG

Preface: If you’re wondering what exactly “FBG” is that I talk about, it’s a workout guide [Fit Body Guide] by Anna Victoria. I’m currently following the 12 week guide. Check out my first blog post for more details. I’ve been documenting my journey with it since the start for those interested. 🙂 Always giving 100% honesty.

Well guys, I think I jinxed myself by saying in my last blog post that I’m not a fan of push ups, because arm/back day this week had lots of them, haha. I was actually shocked though because believe it or not, I think I enjoyed this week’s arm/back day the most out of the whole week of work outs. In fact, it was my favourite arm/back day so far out of the past 9 weeks! Just enjoyed the exercise combinations and found it a good level of challenging. Also, so amazing seeing how much my strength is improving.. seeing how far I’ve come with push-ups makes me so freaking happy! I’m certainly no pro but they are improving at least, and I’m able to do more of them as the weeks go on. I thought I was forever destined to do the modified version when I first started FBG!

On another note, I had been suuuuper nervous to begin HIIT. I remember doing LISS for the first four weeks of the guide wishing it was LISS/LIMIT for the whole 12 weeks because HIIT sounded terrifying haha. I was sure that when the time came to actually do HIIT I’d “cheat” on it and just do something else for cardio like keep doing LISS/LIMIT. Not really sure why I was so worried because I’m actually liking it! (Did *I* just say that? Who am I anymore?! Haha) Great calorie burn!

Onto abs for this week.. I found the 2nd ab workout this week had a ton of reps, particularly for leg raises.. SO challenging! Hooolllyyyy! The first ab day of the week was a cake walk in comparison. Liking the incorporation of some full body exercises with the ab workouts this week though! Keeps things interesting.

It’s so amazing how much my mindset is changing over the length of following the guide.. I found the adjustment to the high intensity strength workouts was difficult at first. Going from the slower paced workouts at the gym to high intensity, shorter ones was a big change for sure. I still find the workouts extremely challenging, but as the weeks are going on I’m liking the higher intensity strength workouts (but averaging only 30 minutes) more and more. Since beginning my weight loss journey last June, this is the most I’ve worked out during the week in regards to it being a 6 days of the week program. Some weeks I’ve worked out all of the 6 days. Others, I’ve worked out 5 and “doubled up” to catch up, as I find weekends to be so busy and working out 6 days a week can be a lot.. at least to me.

Overall had a great week! 3 weeks to go, where has the time gone?!

Will be back to update with how week 10 goes 🙂

Thank you for reading!!




Week 8 of FBG

Woooohoooooo! Another week of FBG in the books! 2/3rds of the way done the guide, ahhhh!!

Week 8 is complete!

For those who may be new to what FBG is, check out my last post for week 7.. I put a quick summary there!

Truthfully, I’ve never done well sticking to a program.. I BARELY finished the 30 day shred when I followed it. I get bored, want to move onto something else. I’ve constantly changed my exercise habits throughout this whole journey of mine.. Which sometimes bit me in the butt because I would lose motivation/not really know what to do and take weeks at a time off feeling a bit clueless. While I thrive on structure, I also struggle with it sometimes. When I first started this 12 week guide I feared I would give up after a few weeks.. I HAVE NOTTTT! The guide has enough variation to keep me from losing interest, still going strong!

For the first time since starting the guide, I did my ab circuit in the main room at the gym. My gym is small, anywhere that I am is in full view of an audience essentially. I usually do abs upstairs after doing my cardio [there is a studio upstairs and it isn’t ever busy] because I get embarrassed! Conquered a fear though, and did one day of abs downstairs (okay so maybe it also wasn’t very busy that day.. But baby steps!) Definitely gaining confidence.

I like that two weeks at a time of the guide are the same (1-2,3-4,5-6, so on..) because I can compare with the week prior and see improvement. So motivating!

I found week 8 was challenging, which I think I’ve said every week in these blog posts. Just when I think that a week is challenging.. the next set of weeks is harder! Challenging the body definitely is what gets results but HOLY what a workout. Every. Single. Time. Anna definitely knows what exercises to put together for an intense workout. I get fairly out of breath and a whole new level of sweaty. Using your body weight for exercises is no joke! I love that she also includes the use of weights too though. I find the body weight exercises way more challenging than for instance using the weight machines at the gym.. I think part of it is that the body weight exercises in the guide target a bunch of different areas at once, whereas the machines at the gym target more specific areas of the body for the most part.

PRETTY EXCITED, GUYS! Prior to starting the guide I couldn’t do a single push up.. I always did the “modified” version. I am getting soooo much better at them now, and only sometimes do the modified version (usually when I’m wiped by circuit 3 ha ha) I can’t lie though, My love for them hasn’t grown at all though over the last 8 weeks hahaha.

A bit nervous to start week 9, but eager for new exercises!

Hair = a mind of it’s own after wearing it in a french braid over night haha.




Week 7 of FBG

Hey loves!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions as to what FBG is, how long I’ve been following it etc so here is a little refresher!

FBG = Fit Body Guide

I am currently following the 12 week exercise guide, which was created by Anna Victoria. I just finished with week 7. The guide is 6 days a week, split into 3 strength training days and 3 cardio/ab days. The workouts are high intensity/not super long which I find makes them great for those with a busy schedule. I am currently [for the most part] doing my strength days at home and my cardio/ab days at the gym… but realistically you can do it all from home.

Hopefully that answers some of the common questions!

Onto my thoughts for week 7…

I thiiiiink my favourite day was legs/glutes for the week. Definitely finding the workouts are getting harder as the weights used/reps are increasing. Moooore am finding that it’s the reps that are getting more challenging though. The first ab day of the week was INTENSE, the reps were fairly brutal and I was sore the next day. IT HURT TO LAUGH GUYS. No pain, no gain though eh? Essentially, I found this week was hard. At the same time, I want to add that I am really noticing changes in my body and that certainly is a good feeling. I’m finding that the toning is helping a bit in terms of my loose skin, particularly on my arms and am overall feeling more fit! Happy that it seems my hard work with the guide is paying off. Definitely feeling stronger.

Some weeks I find my nutrition is on pooooint, others could be better. This week was a bit of the latter. Might start meal prepping as part of what’s been hard is not being home, and when I do get home I’ve been opting for whatever I can snack on quickly. Hasn’t necessarily been unhealthy choices, just could be better! Particularly need to try to up the veggies a bit. Going to take a peak at Anna’s meal plan [There is a free preview on her site!] and take some notes from that for meals/snack ideas and go from there.

Until next weeeeekkkk.. thank you for following along!


Week 6 of FBG

Well, there you have it! Officially at the halfway point, eeeek! Time. Is. FLYING! Can’t believe I’m already finished with week 6 of the Fit Body Guide. For those that may be just tuning in, I’m currently following the 12 week program by Anna Victoria. Feel free to click through the past posts for a glimpse at my journey with FBG so far.

First things first.. in regards to my post last week. STILL can’t do the freaking knee jump squats. Aghhhh, feeling defeated. I practiced them a few times during the week knowing they were going to be in my full body workout day.. a big NOPE. Just can’t seem to nail them. Ended up doing jump squats again this week, just like I did last week instead. Feels disappointing that I can’t do them, but not getting hung up on it! Will keep working at them.

In regards to the rest of the week, it was great! I’m still doing my Cardio + Ab days at the gym and my strength days at home. I don’t have a flat bench to use at home for the few exercises that require one but have been making due with what I do have.. Steps, a storage bench, etc. Love that these exercises are able to be done at home, a lot of them use your body weight while others are done with dumbbells. It’s also great because you can make it easier or harder by using the low/high ends of the recommended weights for each exercise.

I get a lot of DM’s on instagram asking how I find the time to exercise with having kids.. It’s definitely hard to squeeze in, but I make sure I find the time! When I’m at home I do my workout while my youngest is napping, when I’m at the gym my kids play in the childcare while I get my workout in. My kids look forward to our gym trips just as much as I do! If I’m unable to do my usual routine for whatever reason, I will get my workout in after my kiddos are in bed. The Cardio+Ab days for FBG are approximately [Give or take] 45 minutes combined, and strength are about 30 minutes. They are high intensity workouts that are great for those on a time crunch! Definitely a great workout guide to follow for moms, or just those with busy schedules. Great “bang for your buck” exercise length wise.

Feeling stronnnnngggerrrr!! More fit. Loving the changes I’m seeing!!

End of week 6 progress picture.. No flexing in either picture, I did post a flexing one recently and didn’t want my flexing and unflexing pictures to be compared 😉

Thanks for following along!



*Not being paid to recommend the guide to you all or anything, sharing my honest experience/thoughts each week.